tree pruning services
tree pruning
tree pruning service
tree pruning service

Tree Pruning Services

Abbey Tree Services provides many services for pruning trees. The required service depends on the tree. The pruning services provided include;

Crown Lifting and Raising

Crown lifting & raising involves the removal of lower branches with the result being to lift the height of the base of the tree crown. Crown lifting is an effective method of increasing light to the whole tree.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is the reduction in height or the spread of the crown of a tree. It is a thinning process which is often required if large trees are blocking light on your property. The reduction amount of trees can vary and Abbey Tree Services have the expertise and experience to aid you in this.

Formative Pruning

Some trees need a little assistance to create a clear trunk and a well-spaced canopy of branches. Formative pruning assists and trains young trees to develop into a stronger well-shaped trees. Formative pruning of particular branches can significantly improve the structure and health of the tree as it ensures sound branch attachment and a balanced crown formation.

Please note that we, at Abbey Tree Services make it our business to protect trees, where possible, and during the pruning /reduction process, wounds are small to prevent infection of the tree.

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