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Abbey Tree Services provides a comprehensive range of professional tree services with an emphasis on preservation and conservation of trees. As you would expect from a reputable company we offer a fully insured service and work is carried out by a qualified and experienced team.

Tree Surgeon Specialists

This is the removal of deadwood (>5cm) without attempting to remove it from the branch tips or green foliage areas as in conifers. This includes the removal of deadwood, diseased and dying wood, broken or split branches, epicormac growth, and basal suckers if requested and crossing or rubbing branches.

Domestic & Forestry Cutting

We know the value of your trees and the care they require to enhance the area and setting they grow in. Our Arborists provide a full range of services including pruning, crown reduction, crown thinning, crown shaping, pollarding and felling of dangerous trees.

Tree Removal & Felling

The tree is either felled or dismantled in sections. Felling dead, dying or diseased and damaged trees makes an area safer and allows other trees to thrive.

Shaping & Pruning

The removal of the lowest branches that effectively increase the height of the main crown above ground level. We provide a hedge cutting service from small garden hedges to large boundary hedges.

Tree Reduction

This includes overhauling the crown and the thinning out of the crown in order to allow the wind to travel more freely through the crown and to reduce the wind sail. Crown reduction can allow the continued conservation of trees where structural problems might otherwise demand the loss of a tree. Crown reduction is often required to compensate for loss of root viability.

Wood Chipping Services

On side wood chipping service provided. Operative machine are available to hire. Please contact our office for information.

Abbey Tree Services are fully insured domestic, commercial and utility timber cutters. Call 071 966 4086. We provide all aspects of tree maintenance, tree care and removals. Professional tree removal services Roscommon, Leitrim, Sligo, Mayo, Galway, Westmeath,

‘Abbey Tree Services called out and gave me a very keen quotation and carried out taking down a large ash tree, Very friendly to deal with and left my garden clean and tidy afterwards’

Rita Quinn

Rooskey, Co. Leitrim

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